I have to write an essay on this question,but I am stuck on the last part of the revised question. Please help with the following question:  "Are all emotional events draining physically as well...

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I certainly think that a good case can be made that emotional exhaustion can cause physical exhaustion.  There is plenty out there to suggest that the two are very strongly linked to one another.  When one experiences an emotionally draining event, there's a good chance that one's physical attributes are not as high.  Emotionally draining events such as confrontations or verbal fights with others or emotional insecurity can result in physical challenges and a lessened physical state of fitness.  Evidence of fatigue can be seen in both domains.

Where the challenge in the prompt lies is in the use of "all."  It might be tough to find evidence to state that each and every emotional  event is physically draining, as well.  This might be due to the fact that everyone has different emotional responses and it is difficult to generate a hard and stead fast law of casualty in this light.  I think that reference to a course text could help here, but I think that you might be better set to examine where the presence of physical drain through emotionally challenging situations are present and try to make a general case as opposed to having to prove the totalizing condition presented by "All emotional events have physically draining consequences, as well."


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