In your opinion, does Darl's "clairvoyance" take away from the realistic aspect of the novel? Does Faulkner's use of this technique draw from a "fill-in-the-gap" mentality, or does Darl's ability...

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This is an interesting question. I have always enjoyed and been intrigued by Darl's character and his clairvoyance. I read it, ultimately, as a trait that sets him apart from everyone, not just the family. And I'd like to say Darl's special ability to get outside of his own mind ironically suggests the limits of perspective that characterize most people's world view.

In a novel so interested in how individuals see the world differently, we might have in Darl a character who demonstrates just how narrow most people's perspectives are. Darl is gifted. He has a perspective that is not limited to himself. This is very different from others who fail to see beyond thier own limits, and who might even fail to recognize that their own perspective is not definitive or descriptive of any shared reality.


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