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Please answer the following question in reference to "A Few Kind Words for...

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Please answer the following question in reference to "A Few Kind Words for Superstition":

The essay opens with the author asserting that society is in the middle of a renaissance of the irrational.  Does he make any attempt to justify this statement?

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I think there are two reasons why Davies does not do this.

  1. I think that he believes that it is an obvious statement.  He is not so interested in trying to prove it as he is in trying to talk about the various kinds of superstition.  However, I would point out that he proves it a number of times by giving examples of how people are superstitious even in unversities.
  2. I think that there is no way you can actually prove that people are more superstitious today than they have been at some point in the past.  This is because it is not clear that there are opinion polls or anything like that about supersition.
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In his essay "A Few Kind Words for Superstition" Robertson Davies not only asserts that the society is currently in middle of renaissance of the irrational but he also gives many examples many widespread popularity of irrational beliefs and superstitious practices. Some of these things pointed out by him are the widespread interest and beliefs of people in objects, practices, and subjects such as parapsychology, UFOs, miracle cures, transcendental meditation and paths to instant enlightenment.

For more details of the essay by Davies see the website referred below.

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