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The Crucible act 4What does the following line say about john proctor's character:"...

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The Crucible act 4

What does the following line say about john proctor's character:" because it is my name! Because i cannot have another in my life! Because i lie and sign myself to lies! Because i am not worth the dust on the feet of the that hang! How may i live without my name? I have given you my soul leave me my name!"

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This is one of my favorite lines from the play.  John refuses to testify falsely because the name is the only thing he has of value.  Your name is your reputation.  Your name is the one thing everyone has, which you will always have.

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We can take this set of lines to relate to the title of the play. At this point, Proctor has been reduced to his essence. No more can be taken from him. His wife and children have been taken from him. He wants to keep at least his name. The name contains or represents that barest modicum of identity that a person cannot lose and still live. 

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