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Latinos and pan-Hispanic identity¿Por qué cree que hay conflictos entre los latinos...

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Latinos and pan-Hispanic identity

¿Por qué cree que hay conflictos entre los latinos inmigrantes en Los Estados Unidos y Canadá? ¿Por qué a veces no se aceptan uno al otro?

Why do you think there are conflicts between immigrant Latinos in the US and Canada? Why do they not accept one another sometimes?

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Lations are a broad category. Although they identify as Latino, they come from so many countries that they don't really have the same culture, values, or even really the same language. If they are immigrants, there might be some generation gaps between the old and new country.
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I agree with the previous post.  When I came to my first job, I was straight out of graduate school in Poli. Sci. and full of the ideas of diversity and what to call minority groups, etc.  The school where I taught was 60+% Hispanic but none of them called themselves that (or Latino).  They called themselves Mexicans and they didn't seem to identify much with Cubans or Dominicans or Puerto Ricans when we talked about those other groups in class.

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Yeah, it is interesting. I suppose that nationalism they instill in everyone in every country really does work, eh?

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