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The Crucible - writing another sceneHello, for my English assessment task, I have to...

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The Crucible - writing another scene

Hello, for my English assessment task, I have to write a new scene to The Crucible which has to be totally new but cannot contest the character construction of the play or the final outcome. It should reinforce the themes of the play. This scene may occur before Act One, during the play or after the play has finished. This scene has to be between 600-900 words and of course it has to written in the style of the play. What are some possible topics for writing a scene? Thanks.

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What an interesting assignment! There are so many things you can do with this. There are a lot of parts of the play in which the characters talk about things that happen but we don't actually see them happen in the play. For example, we know Abigail and the other girls were playing outside with Tituba when they got caught. You could actually write the scene, and what you imagine happened, when this occured.

Much of the play focuses around John Proctor, so you could include a scene during the time when he is struggling to make the decision about whether to admit to his affair with Abigail in order to prove Elizabeth innocent. It could be a scene where he is by himself and talking to himself, or he has gone to seek advice from someone else.

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I would have to suggest a scene prior to act one. Given that the affair between John and Abigail happens prior to the opening of the actual play, creating this scene would be fun. I would suggest staying away from the actual affair scene; instead, you could construct what happens between them immediately afterward.

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I'd be interesting in a scene featuring Abigail. The complexities of her character remain somewhat sealed up in her defiance but could perhaps be explored in a monologue.

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