What is learned of the relationship between Elizabeth ann John from the opening dialouge and stage action in Act 2 of The Crucible?

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In the beginning of Act II, we learn that Elizabeth and John Proctor's marriage isn't as solid as it might be.  This is because of John having cheated on Elizabeth with Abigail Williams.  Elizabeth knows, but hasn't forgiven John yet -- seven months later.

The stage action at the begining shows us this because he tastes the soup and adds salt secretly rather than openly.  He also at one point kisses her and she only "receives it" rather than kissing back.

Then in the dialogue there is a lot of distrust on her part when she asks him about him being in Salem, and about how late he is getting back from plowing.

He tries to be cautious -- not blaming her when he wants to, complimenting her cooking, but they still end up arguing.

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