Could you plese help me with an introduction for a persuasive speech, in the mind of Ralph (from Lord of the Flies), highlighting why I should be voted to be their leader.I need to include...

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Ralph, from Lord of the Flies, is a character whom embodies all of the characteristics which one would find necessary in order to name him as a leader. Ralph is the kind of person with whom everyone can identify with. He can be seen as an example of Everyman (the text famously known by an unknown author).

Ralph's genuine, sensible, and considerate manners are ones which speak highly to his character.

Therefore, in order to write a persuasive speech, from Ralph's point-of-view, in order to be voted the leader of the stranded children, one would need to speak to his ability to be like them.

Here is an example of an opening:

While I have a hard time coming to you in order to secure the role of your leader, you must know that your welfare is of my utmost concern. I want nothing more than for us to survive, given the state we find ourselves in.

That being said, I think that I best represent the person who needs to be your leader because I can relate to all of you. Given that my father was a man who knew about being in charge, I would like to think that some of his leadership skills have rubbed off on me. While I might not always be able to articulate what is really on my mind, the words simply become jumbled, I know that I can act in ways which will insure our survival.


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