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Could you deal with being a forensic scientist?I would love to be a forensic scientist....

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Could you deal with being a forensic scientist?

I would love to be a forensic scientist. From what i have seen and researched it looks really good to me. But what about some of the horrific things you see? All the bloody crime scenes and dead bodies? Could you deal with it?

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 i can deal, i was very interested in forensic science too but then i realized that i acquired an automatic thought as "world is not dependible , people are dangerous , people can do anything" and such 

so i mean it is not about handling unpleasant crime scenes , it is also about handling emotional and psychological outcomes of investigating unpleasant cases.



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I would love to be one, but teaching holds my heart. I would think that it may be hard at first (seeing the horrible things), but many times, with jobs like these, people tend to become numb to the things that they see. The curiosity no longer lies in the physical nature of the victims, but the psychology and science of the crime scene.

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It would be difficult work, but much like surgeons, by the time a person encountered an actual crime scene, they would have been so thoroughly trained by working with cadavers that the shock would probably not be as intense. I would think it would also be very rewarding, if sometimes frustrating, work. 

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I find the field very interesting.  I agree that the difficult part would be the psychological effects of seeing crime scenes rather than the forensic science itself.  Of course, there are many jobs involving forensic science that do not necessarily investigate crimes.  You could always pursue a career with crime scene investigation and change to a different area of forensic science if you found the psychological aspects to difficult to handle.  

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