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Could someone please tell me why chemical industries should not be considered helpful...

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Could someone please tell me why chemical industries should not be considered helpful to society rather than harmful?

I have to take part in a competition and really need to speak on this. Please give detailed responses. However, all answers will be highly appreciated!!!

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I understand why chemical companies have a negative connotation attached to them, as the environmental damage and health risks associated with their manufacture are often the things we hear about the most.  While those are certainly serious issues that warrant attention, those chemicals many times offer direct benefits and improvements to our quality of life here in the United States.

Consider the many uses of chemicals, from sanitizing hospital wards and cleaning your local school, chemicals are used in almost every other industry and workplace.  They help our cars to function properly, increase the amount of food we can produce, make our farms profitable, and help your refrigerator and air conditioners to run.

So for your presentation, address the plethora of benefits we get from chemicals to balance out the negatives, and point out how everyone in the audience you are speaking to very likely have chemicals in their own homes, and have eaten food produced and made safe with chemicals that very day.

And if you want some tips on how to present the positives of a controversial industry, go watch the movie Thank You For Smoking.  It is both hilarious and has excellent examples of rhetorical spin.

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