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Could the literary theme for many of Oliver Wendell Holmes' novels, poetry and articles...

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Could the literary theme for many of Oliver Wendell Holmes' novels, poetry and articles be science?

I have to write thesis paper on Oliver Wendell Holmes and my thesis is "What is one literary theme that is common throughout many of Oliver Wendell Holmes' novles, poetry and articles."  The paper has to be at least 4-6 pages and I do not know if this thesis could create 5 pages.  I am truely horrible at writing papers and english in generally.  I could truely use some help and some opinions.


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As you start to choose a theme for your essay about Oliver Wendell Holmes, science is a good general area to investigate. One paradox about essay writing, though, is that it is actually easier to write a long paper about a narrow theme than about a broad theme, because what gives a paper depth, and makes for interesting body paragraphs, is details. Thus in writing about a common scientific theme linking Holmes' works, you should consider some specific area of science such as his medical training and consequent beliefs about the physical and emotional nature of humans, or his attitude towards medical quackery.

A good practical way to approach this would be to read a few of Holmes' scientific essays, and then examine how the themes of that particular essay are replicated in his other works.


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