Could Jane get a publisher today?In her era, it was difficult for a woman to find a publisher. Do you think Jane Austen could get a publisher today? What changes would she have to make to her...

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Just go to a bookstore these days and you will see at least one if not ten titles that are based on allusions to the novels of Jane Austen, or Jane Austen herself.  There is clearly a market and a respect for what Austen accomplished 200 years ago with 6 books.  I don't doubt for a minute she would be published!

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I can't see that she would have made changes to her manuscripts.  She may have, in this time, made the women even stronger and more independent - but ultimately, she was commenting on behaviors and social standards from her own life.  I don't believe she would have wanted to change the impressions she was leaving with her audience.

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Definitely she could, and she wouldn't be hindered by the nonsense of "women shouldn't be writing books...their feeble little brains can't handle it"!  I agree with Blazedale - The quality of her writing is so much better than probably 90% of what you'll find on the bestseller lists today that publishers would be beating down her door, trying to get her to commit to a 20 book deal (or however that works in the world of publishing)!

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I think she absolutely could! The quality of the writing is so far above and beyond most authors out there today, and the themes of women in love, social class, etc. are some of the major bright spots in today's publishing industry.

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