Convert to a percent: 23/25

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for a test grade percentage when its 30 possible correct for 26 out of 30..... as a parent i see .30 to mean 100 so i take 100-30 =70 v(just by memory lolb) ahd then take that 70 and add it to the actual number correct in this case 26 so 26+70=96 so then 26 out of 30 would convert to a grade petcent of 96%

27 out of 30 is a grade percent of 97% 

62 out of 74 is a grade percent of 88%     again see the differance of 100 and 74 is 26 so just add 26 to the number correct 88% 

i find this way much simpler than all the comments i've read. and do the longer more "confusing"  methods, this works out just the same. using simple addition and subtraction!

have a good day all 

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23 / 25 equals X / 100. That is the basic thing. A fraction is something out of a whole. To convert 23 / 25 into a percent, change the 25 denominator to a 100 denominator, to make it easier. To do that, multiply 25 by 4. You have to do the same to the numerator or else the worth wouldn't be the same. 23 * 4 is equal to 92. 92 / 100 is equal to 92%.

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The fraction you have is 23/25. Percentage means per one hundred. This basically says your fraction needs to have a denominator of 100. That is easy to do in this case. Just multiply by 1 in a convenient way ( 4 / 4)

(23 / 25) x (4 / 4) = 96/100 which is 96%

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Percents are something out of 100 they literally translate to out of every 100 so




`or 92%`

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To change 23/25 to a decimal, your have to change the denominator to 100 .

In order to change 25 into 100, your have to multiply it by 4.

By multiplying the numerator and denominator by 4 you should get

92/100 = 92%

so the answer to your question is : 23/25 = 92%

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The answer above has a two line answer as follows:

To covert 23/25 into percent:

23/25  in percent = (23/25)*100= 2300/25=92%

This answer is correct only if we consider "23/25" to mean '23 out of 25' or '23 per 25'.

If we consider 23/25 as a single number which in decimals is equal to 0.92, then to say that convert this number into percent will have no meaning.

Percentage always involves comparison between two numbers which can be expressed in three different ways - fraction, ratio and percentage. For example. if in a group of 10 students, which has 4 boys and 6 girls, we can compare number of boy and girls by saying:

  1. The group has 2/5th number of boys and 3/5th number of girls
  2. The group has boys and girls in the ratio 2:3
  3. The group has 40% boys and 60% girls
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To convert 23/25 into percent:

The working rule: Multiply 23 by 100 and divide the result by 25 you get the rqured percentage . 23*100/25 =2300/25 =92%



A percentage is nothing but what is the numerator of the equivlent fraction whose denominator is 100.

If you multiply the numerator by a number and multiply denominator  by that same number you get the equivalent fraction as below:

23/25,   23*2/(25*2) =46/50,   23*3/(25*3)=69/75,   23*4/(25*4)=92/100, 23*5/(25*5)=115/125,   23*6/(25*6)=138/150 etc are all its equivalent fractions and their value is equal to 23/25.

Among these equivalent fractions, the numerator 92 of  the fraction, 92/100 when the denomonator is 100, is called the percentage equivalent to the fraction 23/25.

The calculation is done simply as follows:

23/25 = (23/25)*100 %= 2300/25=92%

Hope this helps.

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