Contrast Dill's family situation to that of the Finches.

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Dill comes from a family with both parents living in the house. Yet, they don't seem to spend much time or attention on their son. He does not appear to be out-rightly neglected, and certainly not abused, but there does not appear to be much evidence that they spend much time nurturing him either.

Atticus takes his parenting seriously. Even more so because the children are left without a mother. He works hard, but his role of father is given much time and attention.

Dill spends time every year with his aunt, who lives next door to the Finches. He even has to run away one summer to spend with Jem and Scout. His aunt is a good woman, but not very skilled at keeping an eye on a precocious young boy. It is easier for Dill to run free, while Jem and Scout haveĀ  plenty of adult supervision to monitor their activities. Calpurnia, their aunt, and Atticus form a solid team to keep an eye on the kids.

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