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Compoistion Paragraphuse the writing process to develop a five-paragraph composition...

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Compoistion Paragraph

use the writing process to develop a five-paragraph composition and explain how Ethan's plight in life, the setting of the story, his relationship with his wife, and his connection with Mattie Silver worked together to make Ethan Frome a tragic hero. Cite specific examples, situations, descriptions, and/or conversations from the story as supporting details.

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First off, we won't write the essay or paragraph for you. Secondly, the exanples you'll need are things you'll have to pull for yourself.

I should also mention that I don't agree with the basic question.

If I were to organize this, I would go chronologically and start at the church dance and end at the smash up.

Overall, the story is filled with tragic circumstance, and I'd assume that your teacher has given you information on this topic, so what you'll really need to find are examples that show he's a hero. Don't forget that he's telling the story, so the fact that it's coming from him might diminish just how heroic he is.

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