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Compare Laurie's house and the March's house from Little Women.I am checking over my...

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Compare Laurie's house and the March's house from Little Women.

I am checking over my sister's summer reading. I read Little Women a long time ago and kind of forgot it. I need someone to just answer this question that way I can make sure she got it right. I need to compare the houses of the Laurence's and the March's. I don't have time to re-read the book so if someone could tell me like as soon as you read this, I would be so grateful. Thanks a Bunch!!

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The March family lives in a home that is filled with the activities of four lively and active, growing girls and their mother. Father is away, involved in the fighting of the Civil War, but the girls entertain themselves and help others with their mother's encouragement and prodding. There is not a great deal of money, but it is not missed because of the abundant love and faith in the family.

Laurie lives with his wealthy grandfather. He is lonely and envious of the shared adventures his neighbors create for themselves and gratefully joins in whenever possible. Laurie lacks for nothing in a material sense and delights in being able to share his possessions with the March family as is appropriate to their needs and in keeping with his respect of their striving to be independent.

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marches: small homely lively 'rarely empty'


lawrences: large empty hollow

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