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Why are Chinese people better-educated than anyone in the world?im in a subcommittee to...

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Why are Chinese people better-educated than anyone in the world?

im in a subcommittee to come up with ways to improve the economy today. my group is focusing on education and my homework is i was wondering what makes Chinese people so smart than anyone in the world to improve education in US.

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First of all, please note that there is a difference between being well-educated and being "smart."  Therefore, I've changed your question a bit.

So, your group is trying to focus on how to make education better and you are thinking that China has better education than we do in the US.  One thing that you need to remember when thinking about this is that the test scores like the ones here are not for China as a whole.  It is clear that the people who tested in Shanghai did well, but this did not reflect the performance of China's entire system, just that of one of their most booming cities.

That said, the US is clearly not at the top of the pile.  At least two things seem to stand out.  First, American teachers seem in some ways to be not as good as foreign teachers.  This may be because teaching is a low-status profession in the US and the smartest people can often make a lot more money (and get a lot more respect) in other professions.  Second, we don't go to school as long as many other countries and we don't focus on it as much.  Kids and teens in the US spend lots of time on things like extracurricular activities while those in other countries tend to spend more time studying.


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