Compare and Contrast the novel Frankenstein by MARY SHELLEY to the film Blade Runner by Ridley Scott  english HSC question

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I'll get you started. This is a great question and I might use the link in my own teaching.

Similarities (Compare):

1. Both have creatures which are "created" or manufactured by humans.

2. Many of the newly created creatures question their existence and want to fit in.

3. Both of the works have a human hunting the creatures because they are "abominations" or threats to mankind.

4. They are both seminal works of science fiction.

5. Both are concerned with new technologies.

6. the creatures are able to love and feel emotions and feel mortal.

Differences (contrasts):

1. Different time periods.

2. Different mediums.

3. Bladerunner's machines are partly feasible--creating life from dead people's bodyparts isn't likely (ever).

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