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Compare and contrast Regardless of what stage in life you are in right now, think...

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Compare and contrast

Regardless of what stage in life you are in right now, think about when you were a young adult. Think about what your views were, or are, on topics such as love, cohabitation, divorce, marriage, working women, extramarital affairs, child-rearing practices, and any other topic of interest. Provide some examples in your post. Note which human development theoretical framework seems to most clearly explain your perspective. Compare and contrast your views with what is known about gender differences in early adulthood. Integrate the Zucker, Ostrove, and Stewart article into your discussion.






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I would say that the mere nature of this question is going to be one where there will be most of the legwork being done by you.  Others can offer insight, but in the end, the reflective nature of the piece as well as the specific point based integration of the assigned readings are elements that you will have to make your own.  From my own experience, I would say that my young adult years were filled with a transformation of gender based roles and socialization based on gender.  My young adult years were spent in the time frame where feminism had entered a new realm, where the culture wars in academics and popular culture held true and were relevant. At the same time, the notion of women's identity and sexuality were challenging conventional understandings of the good.  I was in college at the time when date rape and sexual harassment were large issues and the movement of "No Means No" took form and shape.  These events had a large and profound impact on how my relationships were formed as a young adult.

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