Compare Brutus and Cassius. How are they the same and how are they different. Compare and Contrast the two characters.


Julius Caesar

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For an in-depth answer, this would be a very good question for the Enotes Q&A section. Briefly, they are alike in their desire to be free of the potential tyranny of Caesar. They differ in how they approach the problem of Caesar. Cassius is willing to resort to any tactics to get what he wants. Brutus always wants to do things in an honorable and noble manner.

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 Brutus and Cassius are both quite ambitious. I would say that is where their similarities stop. Cassius is manipulative and is motivated by his own desires for power. Brutus, however, truly wants what is best for Rome and thinks carefully about any of his actions to be sure that what he is doing is for the good of the Roman people.

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i must agree with mwalter822 -- both Cassius and Brutus wish to rid rome of Caesar (i.e. dictatorship) -- but Cassius is personally ambitious too and harbours a sense of envy against Caesar's meteoric rise, whereas Brutus is purely idealistic. It is not that he 'loves Caesar less', but that he 'loves Rome more'.

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Cassius is ruthless and manipulative. It is easy for him to manipulate Brutus and some of the others because he is so smart. I do not consider Brutus manipulative. I think he really felt that he was doing the best thing for his country. He did not see it as a betrayal.

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