Compare/contrast Stella and Blanche of A Streetcar Named Desire.Tennesse Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire

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Blanche is romantic and idealistic but discontented and desperate. Stella is simple, humble, realistic, and basically contented with her situation as a housewife and expectant mother. Blanche has some limited success in alienating Stella from her husband, whom Blanche hates and fears. Being the older sister, Blanche has a certain power over Stella who has always been subservient to her and who must have viewed her as a role model in their earlier days when they were both Southern belles at Belle Reve. But Stanley's influence has changed Stella. She has learned to accept lower-class values and lower-class culture--something Blanche is finding it impossible to do, even though she has been thrust into the lower class by losing her mansion, her job, her social connections, and her youthful beauty. Without the protection of money and social status, she is helpless to cope with the brutal Stanley Kowalski and all he represents. She is like the victim of a revolution, an aristocrat at the mercy of a pitiless mob.

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It's been like a month since i got this question as an assignment. ^^

Similarities :: their dependence on men, their inculcated genteel Southern etiquettes from Belle Reve

Differences :: different notions of sex, Stella being down-to-earth while Blanche dwells in fantasy (Cadillac convertible and Stella bartering her sister to the mental asylum for their love-making episodes to Stanley. 

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