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I have to do an article review on a topic that is associated with organization behavior and conduct an 5 to 10 minute discuss on that topic but I am having a hard time finding an article to write on and discuss. Can someone help me?

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There are many topics to choose from in this area.  One is the effect of various management styles on organizations.  Another is the issue of diversity in the workplace or sexual harassment.  You could write and present on group dynamics in organizations or on ethics.

If you have access to an EBSCO database at your school, you should have no difficulty finding articles on these topics in that database. Alternatively, most public libraries subscribe to EBSCO and other databases.  Also, for a presentation on ethics, a review of a few good newspapers should yield plenty of articles on unethical organizational behavior, which has been in the news a great deal in the past few years.

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I think an intresting topic would be how social media impacts communication in the business world. For example, most of my Facebook friends are coworkers, and my boss is the reason I signed up in the first place. We even send each other work-related messages through Facebook.
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Both of the topics you have been given so far are great! Do your articles need to be from scholarly journals or can they be from the mass media? I tried a google search of "business communication and social media" and turned up a lot of great articles on that topic. This one is nor a scholarly article, but it gives you a good place to start because it provides an overview not just of social networking but of five new trends in e-communication in business (including Podcasts and Skype) all of which are changing the way the business world functions.Try this link and see if it helps:





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One interesting aspect of organization behavior is the relationship between cultural norms and official rules. Which is a more effective method of changing organizational behavior: a legalistic approach based on rules and consequences, or an approach that emphasizes shifting the culture of the organization? I think the awareness campaigns around issues like texting while driving have had a much stronger influence on driver behavior than laws against texting while driving. It would be interesting to examine how this distinction works at the organizational level.

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tou wold better go writing for leadership role in motivation. i hope you would easily access much knowledge in this topic.

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