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Comment on each of these three deaths: a) An infant dies just after birth b) Someone...

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Comment on each of these three deaths:

a) An infant dies just after birth

b) Someone with a lot of promise (health, looks, personality)

is killed in an accident at the age of 20

c) a middle-aged person commits suicide shortly after retiring.

Comment as if you were writinga letter to the dead person, expressing your reactions to his/her death.

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Wow.  Well, I won't actually write a letter, since that's your job, but I will list a few reactions to each of the persons listed.

To the infant: I'm sorry you missed out on so many things, like riding your bike without training wheels, your first kiss, graduating from high school, falling in love, starting your career, being a parent...then a grandparent, sitting on the porch and enjoying a sunset.  I'm thankful you missed out on so many things, like scraped knees and broken arms, a parents' divorce, the death of a loved one, a broken heart, an incurable cancer, being left behind. Rest in peace.

To the young person:  You undoubtedly had both joys and sorrows in your short life.  While you would have had many more joys, you would also have had many more sorrows.  You lived long enough to enjoy being alive, but not long enough to regret living.  You probably loved and lost, but the losing was short.  You started to understand your potential, but you didn't live to see those abilities fading away.  Rest in peace.

To the despairing adult: You created a family, but you chose to abandon them.  You accomplished great things, but you did not find them fulfilling.  You loved, but not enough.  You accumulated possessions, but you did not value them. You promised till death do us part, but you cheated. You will find no peace. 

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