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Is Clarice Lispector considered a feminist writer?  Is Clarice Lispector consider a...

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Is Clarice Lispector considered a feminist writer?  

Is Clarice Lispector consider a feminist writer?


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Clarice Lispector is noted for her exploration of identity and gender issues. Marta Peixoto wrote in Passionate Fictions (University of Minnesota Press, 1994) that Lispector emphasized (1) the clash of identities that are private with identities that are public and (2) the representation of central female characters as passive victims of power, which is represented as a male dominated gender function.

While Lispector may not have been given the designation of "a feminist writer" by critics, and while she is described as focusing on power, identity, and gender, her corpus of work examines women under the microscope of power conflicts embedded within gender conflicts and assumptions that lead to and result in identity conflicts.

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