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As chief diplomat, the President does all of the following except what?A)negotiates...

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As chief diplomat, the President does all of the following except what?

A)negotiates treaties, B)deploys troops abroad, C)entertains foreign heads of state, D)appoints U.S. ambassadors, E)none of the above

Hint: The answer is not B

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I disagree with your hint.  The answer to this question clearly is B.  The duty of deploying troops is not part of the president's role as chief diplomat.  Instead, deploying troops to places like Afghanistan and Iraq is part of the presidents role as the commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

Diplomacy has to do with conducting relations with foreign countries.  All of the other options that you have given are clearly part of normal diplomatic relations.  Entertaining heads of state and negotiating treaties are clearly involved in maintaining relations with other countries.  Appointing US ambassadors is part of this as well because those ambassadors are the president's diplomatic staff.

Sending troops to war, by contrast, is not something that is typically seen as diplomacy.  Instead, it is part of what the president does in commanding the armed forces.

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