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Chemistry help............please?!?  1. What percentage of Methyl salicylate is in...

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Chemistry help............please?!?


1. What percentage of Methyl salicylate is in mouthwash? Like listerine.?how would i produce 5.0 ml or pure oil of wintergreen, using the data, the quantity of each reactant required to accomplish it, and how would i figure out it in moles and grams

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Methyl salicylate also called oil of wintergreen has a chemical formula of C8H8O3 and is used commonly as rubefacient, flavoring, additives and fragrance. Generally, mouthwashes contain 0.064% (v/v) methyl salicylate. If we want to get 5 mL of pure methyl salicylate, we can solve this by:

`% Methyl salicylate = (volume methyl salicylate)/(t otal volume) * 100`

 `Total Volume = (volume methyl salicylate)/(% Methyl salicylate) *100`

`Total volume = (5mL)/(0.064) *100`

`Total volume = 7812.5 mL or 7.8 Liters of mouthwash`


Now to get the mass and moles of methyl salicylate, we should use the density of methyl salicylate which is 1.174 g/mL.

`density = (mass)/(volume)`

`mass = volume * density`  

`mass = 5mL * 1.174 (g)/(mL)`

`mass of methyl salicylate = 5.87 grams`


To get the moles, divide the mass of methyl salicylate with the molar mass of methyl salicylate (C8H8O3).

`mol es of methyl salicylate = (mass of methyl salicylate)/(molar mass methyl salicylate)`

`mol es of methyl salicylate = (5.87 grams)/(152.15 (g)/(mol))`

`mol es of methyl salicylate = 0.0386 mol es`




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