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Who is Scout stalking in Chapter 9 of "To Kill a Mockingbird"?In chapter 9 Scout says...

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Who is Scout stalking in Chapter 9 of "To Kill a Mockingbird"?

In chapter 9 Scout says "when stalking one's prey, it is best to take one's time." What does this line mean, and why is it "best to take one's time"?

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Scout is stalking Franics, her cousin, because he has insulted her father for defending Tom Robinson (a black man).  Scout wants be beat up Francis, but she does not want him to know she is after him so she keeps talking to him.

Say nothing, and as sure as eggs he will become curious and emerge. (ch 9)

Scout waits, and Francis does come out because he wants to know if she is still mad.  When he does, she jumps him and insists he take it back.  She later gets in trouble for this, even though Francis started it.  It is one of the first times she has to face the trouble caused by Atticus’s trial.



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