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In Chapter 7, Katniss goes to district 8 and meets the wounded at the "hospital". Was...

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In Chapter 7, Katniss goes to district 8 and meets the wounded at the "hospital". Was it a makeshift hospital, a real hospital or just a random place?

Was the hospital that got blown up was it the first and only hospital?

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It was an old or unused building which they renovated into a hospital. SO it technically would be a makeshift but permanent hospital. THey just started using it as a hospital, but it probably will now always remain a hospital.

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District 8 is known for its manufacturing of textiles and clothing, so it has many factory buildings and warehouses. The hospital referred to in the chapter is an old warehouse that has been converted into a hospital. When Katniss exits the hovercraft she flew in on, she witnesses other hovercrafts dumping out medical supplies and medics in front of rows of warehouses. Soon she sees multitudes of wounded people from the bombing being brought to a warehouse with a letter "H" for hospital painted over the door. It appears to be a hastily put together outfit to provide medical care for the many victims of the fighting. The districts do not seem to have many official hospitals, as seen in the first Hunger Games book, where Katniss' mother is the resident healer of their district. Since the Capitol does not want the districts to thrive, they may not provide them such facilities as clean, well stocked hospitals. 


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   The hospital in District 8 is actually a warehouse. ["Propelled by desperate people to a warehouse with a sloppily painted H above the doorway" (Collins 51).] Collins doesn't actually relay to the reader if this warehouse has been the hospital for quite some time or if the warehouse was transformed into a hospital at the beginning of the rebellions. Either way, this semi-makeshift hospital is the only one the district has. Many, if not all of the districts do not have actual hospitals. This is the reason wounded citizens would go to Katniss' mother back in District 12.


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