In chapter 7 of Night, how did Elie again help his father when they were on the train?

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The people were cold and crammed into the train car.  When daylight came the soldiers ordered people in the cars to throw out any bodies of people who had died.  Elie's father was non responsive and the men approached him to throw him out of the car.

"I threw myself on top of his body.  He was cold.  I slapped him.  I rubbed his hands, crying:  "Father! Father! Wake up.  They're trying to throw you out of the carriage.."  His body remained inert.  The two gravediggers, seized me by the collar." (66-67)

Elie continued to argue with the men and fight for the life of his father until eventually his father did open his eyes and the men wandered off looking for other bodies.


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There were many people crammed into one cold train car and the SS soldiers had stopped the train and orderd all dead bodies to be thrown off to create more room. Some of the men thought Elie`s father was dead because he was in a deep sleep. Elie tried to stop them while he tried to wake up his father. He woke him up just in time to save him. If Elie hadnt of woke him up his father would have been thrown out with the dead people.

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