in chapter 6,why do Ralph and Jack both insist on going after the beast? Why does Jack say that they don't need the conch any longer?

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Both insist on going after the beast because both are in competition for the leadership position and for the following of the "labor force" of the boys on the island.  They recognize that in order to completely secure the title of "leader" they must have the majority of the boys on their side.  Ralph wants to put the fear the boys have of the beast to rest--his logical side and leadership style coming out.  Jack wants to use this fear to his advantage--his leadership style--and put the entire "tribe" on the defensive with spears, body paint, and and hunter mentality.

Jack renounces the conch shell because it is a symbol of order and civilization...they are quickly moving away from the civilized life from which they came to a more barbaric "dog eat dog" world. 

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