In chapter 5, what is significant about Klipspringer's song?

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The song is all about people who have no money, but are extremely happy. The song sets the mood for the entire novel. Gatsby has spent so much of his time by trying to get enough money to get Daisy to love him. Daisy is extremely wealthy, but married to a man she doesn't love and who cheats on her. Gatsby and Daisy both have money and are both unhappy. The song is saying that it doesn't matter if we have money or not, we are just happy together. Gatsby knows that Daisy would never be happy without money, so he thought by getting rich, he could make Daisy happy. Daisy isn't happy, no matter who much money she has. She is a miserable woman and being wealthy doesn't change that fact.

The whole story is about Gatsby getting rich so he would be worthy of Daisy. He has now made it in life, he is rich and now has a chance to prove that to Daisy. In the end, however, we know that money can't make you happy, and it certainly can't make someone love you. Although both Gatsby and Daisy are wealthy, neither one of them is happy. 

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The song is ironic for several reasons. First, the lyrics refer to people who have little money but manage to live happy lives. Gatsby and Daisy are both enormously wealthy, yet their lives are not happy. It also reminds us that ironically Daisy originally rejected him because he had no money. Now, however, she is happily awed by his mansion and beautiful shirts and clearly attracted to Gatsby again. Klipspringer plays this lighthearted song as Gatsby and Daisy celebrate their reunion, but their getting together again is not spontaneous because Gatsby has carefully orchestrated it.

The website listed below provides the lyrics for the entire song.


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