In Chapter 4 of Lord of the Flies, how does Roger behave toward Henry?

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This is the scene where Roger is throwing stones at Henry, one of the littleuns.  It is significant because this is where we start to notice the boys losing their civilian nature.  The boys are starting to digress into animal-like behavior, with the big taunting the small, or the strong overpowering the weak.  In a way, it's the beginning of the end of their civilized ways.  Even when he's throwing the rocks, Roger essentially remembers something about it being wrong; however, that voice was distant, in the outer realms of his memory, so he throws the rocks at Henry anyway.

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Roger deliberately throws rocks AROUND Henry, not to hurt him but simply to instill fear in him for Roger's pleasure. Roger's hold on civilization is obviously slipping, even more so than the other boys at that point.

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