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Chapter 28: Curdies ClueCurdie was just about to follow the goblins into their hole...

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Chapter 28: Curdies Clue

Curdie was just about to follow the goblins into their hole when something touched his hand it was a soft touch and he soon realized that it was the thread that Irene was talking about earlier, it led him up the mountain and ended him up at his own house. When he walked in the door he saw his mother holding Irene in her arms and Irene was fast asleep. Irene awoke at once and was so happy to see Curdie right before her eyes, Curdie appoligized to the princess because he felt so bad that he didn't beleive her about her great grandmother and the thread. Curdie then told the princess that he had been at her castle for a couple of days now, and then she told him that she followed the thread because she was frightened and then it ended her up here at his house. Curdie showed the part of his leg where the cut had once been from the crossbow to Irene and his mother and it was completely healed from irenes grandmothers putting the ointment on his leg that she also used on Irene. Then Curdies mother told him to take Irene back to the castle but he said that he was hungry, his mother made him food in a minute but right before he sat down and ate he remembered he had to awake his father he did so and after telling his father what had happened his father darted out of the cottage.


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Irene really has some gumption.  At first, she does not think she can do anything.  She is nervous and afraid.  She soon realizes that she does have what it takes to save Curdie.

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