In chapter 15, who are the men and why do they come and meet Atticus at the jail?I think they might have been there to cause trouble...please help!

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The people who come to meet Atticus at the jail are definitely there for trouble.  They are coming to meet Tom Robinson, because they want to skip the trail altogether and just kill him.  They are a lynch mob.

The men arrive in “four dusty cars” and there are quite a few of them, because they are described as getting out “in ones and twos” to confront Atticus.  Atticus addresses one of the as Walter Cunningham, so we know that he is one of the leaders of the mob because he addresses Atticus.  This is Walter Cunningham, Sr. not Scout’s friend.  We also know that the rest of the men smell like whiskey and pigpen, and that at the fact that they are dressed in “overalls and denim shirts buttoned up to the collars” makes them farmers. Scout does not know them.

Scout, Jem and Dill add a unique twist to the situation.  The presence of children at a lynch mob does not make sense.  Scout diffuses the situation by jumping right into the middle of the mob and talking to Mr. Cunningham.  Everyone is completely shocked, but then Mr. Cunningham comes to his senses and he leaves, taking the crowd with him.


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typo in the question above....instead of who it is supposed to be why.

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