What was Jem's punishment??? And what did Jem learn from his encounter with Mrs.Dubose and following her death??

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Jem had destroyed several of Mrs. Dubose's camilla flowers. For punishment, Jem was asked to read daily to Mrs. Dubose until her alarm clock sounded. Jem found himself reading more and more every day as the clock took longer and longer to actually go off.

Mrs. Dubose had been trying to free herself from her addiction to morphine. To do so, she used Jem's reading to distract her from her pain, and by the time she died, she was free. Atticus used this scenario to teach the children that courage is a value to admire and that it takes hard work to be courageous. But, in the end... it's worth it. Real courage isn't shooting things... it is doing what is right.

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