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Ch3   0 |        |  Ch3ch2cch2ch2-c-oh           ch3                ...

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Ch3   0

|        | 


          ch3                 o

ch3ch2ch2ch2ch2ch2-c-och2ch2ch3 Name the compounds




            ch3                                         H          H 

              |                                           |           |

Ch3-ch2-c-ch2-ch2-oh                   H---c---c---c---h

              |                                           |    |     |

             Ch3                                       H   O     H 


Ch3-ch2-o-ch2-ch2-ch2-ch2-ch3            H2N--CH2--CH2--CH2--CH3 please name these compounds aswell (some of the ch's arnt in the right spot when i typed them in they were but they moved over when i submitted the question)

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1. 3,3-dimethylpentanol ---> the two methyl groups are attached in the third carbon. we name it the third carbon relative to the fnctional group which is pentanol. Since we numbered the first carbon in the one bearing the -OH group, we can see that the two methyl is attached on the third...

2. i assume this is a ketone the middle c bears the double bond O, therefore this is acetone or 2-Propanone, the number 2 indicates the location of the double bonds in a ketone

3. this is an ether, a derivative of alcohol. we name this according to which has the longer side chain, in this case it is on the right:        Ch3-ch2-o-ch2-ch2-ch2-ch2-ch3  so we name it as pentylethylether or ethoxypentane

4. this is an amine---> just locate the substituent  which is a butyl substituent. so we name this as N-butylamine

hope this helps :)

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