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Using the featured extract, explain how Williams makes the opening of the drama a...

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Using the featured extract, explain how Williams makes the opening of the drama a memorable one. 

At the rise of the curtain someone is taking a shower in the bathroom, the door of which is half open.

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Brick: [appearing] No, I don’t know what they’re up to.

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The opening of the drama creates a memorable image in the reader's mind for a couple of reasons.  One way is that there is a noticeable distance between Brick and Maggie.  Brick is taking a shower and when he steps out, he comes into a room in which Maggie and he are staying.  Yet, there is little evidence of physical contact between one another.  The opening of the drama helps to establish the physical frigidity that underscores their relationship throughout the drama.  Maggie undresses, and again, there is little evidence of physicality between the two.  

Another way in which the opening scene is memorable is because it speaks to the marriage that Brick and Maggie share.  The opening line is "other- directed," reflecting how the relationship between Brick and Maggie has been constructed.  There is little evidence of the inner- directed aspect of their marriage.  Nearly everything that Brick and Maggie do is directed at or for other people.  They are very outward directed and the opening quote in which Brick indicates that he doesn't know what "they're" up to.  The opening is a memorable one because it reflects how "other- directed" Brick and Maggie are, something that continues throughout the drama.  

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