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Carbon tetrachloride was once used as a solvent in large quantities in the dry cleaning...

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Carbon tetrachloride was once used as a solvent in large quantities in the dry cleaning industry. Because it is a dense liquid, it was also used in fire extinguishers. It is manufactured by the reaction of carbon disulfide with chlorine. The other product of the reaction is disulfur dichloride. What is the percentage yield of CCl4 if 719 kg. is produced from the reaction of 410 kg of CS2?

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Let's write out the chemical equation for good measure:

CS2 + 3Cl2 --> CCl4 + S2Cl2

Since we are given the exact products of the reaction we can balance the equation and know that three moles of chlorine gas are required for every mole of CS2 reacted.  But we are looking at the percent yield of CCl4 based on the amount of CS2 reacted.  We see that one mole of CCl4 is produced for every one mole of CS2 reacted.  First let's convert the amount of CS2 used from kg to moles:

410,000 g CS2 * (1 mole / 76 g) = 5394.7 mole CS2

Since there is a 1:1 molar ratio as described above, if the reaction went in 100% yield this would produce 5394.7 moles of CCl4.  We should convert that amount into kg:

5394.7 mole CCl4 * (154 g / 1 mole) = 830.8 kg CCl4

But the actual reaction only produced 719 kg of CCl4.  We divide this actual mass into the theoretical mass to get the percent yield:

719 kg / 830.8 kg = 86.5 % yield CCl4

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