In Antigone, can you give me a quote that shows Antigone's stubborness?

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We can easily see Antigone's stubborness in her conversation with her sister, Ismene, when she rejects Ismene's practical and pragmatic advice and chooses to listen to her own convictions and beliefs and let those be her moral compass at this particular moment in her life. Note how she responds to Ismene's suggestion that they should obey the person who is placed in power over them:

I will bury him myself.

And even if I die in the act, that death will be a glory.

I will lie with the one I love and loved by him--

an outrage sacred to the gods!

Antigone therefore reveals her stubborn determination to disregard Creon's laws and see her brother buried in response to her belief in the gods and their moral dictates. She completely rejects Ismene's practical and pragmatic approach to ensure survival and she indicates that she will follow through with her moral instincts that tell her to ignore Creon, no matter what.


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