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Within the context of The Luck of Ginger Coffey, can you please write  about...

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Within the context of The Luck of Ginger Coffey, can you please write  about Ginger, Gerry or Veronica? Sometimes when a person pursues a goal or a dream, the result is often not what was expected. Using examples from the text and your personal experience and observations show that this statement is true or untrue.

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It is certainly true for Ginger Coffey that his dreams are bigger than the reality he faces. In The Luck of Ginger Coffey, it seems that Ginger, despite his best efforts, cannot rise to his family's expectations and things spiral out of control.

Arriving in Canada with an optimism that is not matched by his abilities Ginger has taken on more than he is capable of. His charm and character are not enough to secure a future though and he soon runs into trouble when he cannot fulfill his obligations and finds himself unemployed. Still he holds out and , having used all his savings cannot even take his family back to Ireland.

Veronica, Ginger's long-suffering wife, still waiting for his promises to materialize, decides that there is more to life than this and cannot wait for his overoptimistic plans for himself. He refuses to accept his limitations which is the main cause of the difficulties he now faces. The fact that Veronica is now with Gerry compounds Ginger's problems as Gerry is successful and represents everything Ginger wants for himself.

Ginger, if he would recognize his limitations could rise to a position that he is capable of. This would allow for self-development and Ginger would be a much more rounded person. He is offered a position by the diaper factory owner but thinks he can do better.

It is an age -old problem - a lack of self-awareness. Ginger is representative of a sector of society that always wants what others have rather than making the best of what he already has - or had! - his family and a more modest future. It takes a night in prison for him to begin to come to his senses and to finally get his family back is the beginning of his self-development. After all,  “Life was the victory, wasn’t it? " 


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