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Can you please help me write a 2 line Iambic Pentameter for my English homework? I know...

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Can you please help me write a 2 line Iambic Pentameter for my English homework? I know how to do them, but have writers block. (More info included)

I know exactly how to write and iambic pentameter, they aren't that hard...But I have complete writers block and cannot think of anything! Please WRITE YOUR OWN iambic pentameter please...I would gladly use William Shakespeare's sonnet XVIII, but that is not written by some one like me.

If you need information on how to write a iambic pentameter, you can look at this link. The rhythmic variation section exactly write!



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Here are two iambic pentameter lines:

Within the tide of things behind the eyes/Resides the sight of one unloved, unbeheld

Maybe you can improve on these lines by changing some of the words.  At any rate, perhaps they will give you a "Jump start." Also, if you need help in your writing, do not forget to check enotes "how-to" topics.  See the site below for an example of one

(Sometimes when people have writer's block, they go out for a walk or do something else.  One writer at "Time" said that he cleaned his desk and straighted his file drawers. While performing this activity his mind would connect ideas for the article he was assigned.  These unconnected activities, scientists have found through study, do, indeed, connect ideas.)

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My 'writers block' has made me ask the web,

For homework tips I can use instead.

They said my English teacher likes to see,

Homework that's done on time and done by me.


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