Can you identify whether these are homogeneous or heterogeneous? -Kool Aid -Apple Pie -Sand -Air -Teaspoon of sugar -Alimunun Foil -Muddy pond water -Sugar dissolved in water -Salt water...

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Something that is homogeneous is composed of the same visual phase throughout its composition.  It will have all of its components evenly mixed and distributed throughout the medium.  Something that is heterogeneous will have different visible phases that can be separated.  This terminology can be used for solutions or for solid compounds/objects.  Let's look at each example in turn.

Kool-Aid is a solution of a powder in water.  It is evenly dissolved and distributed, hence it is homogeneous.

Apple pie is composed of various ingredients that are mixed together but the apple slices still retain their original identity separate from the rest of the batter.  It is heterogeneous.

Sand is a crystalline quartz that (if clean) is uniform throughout the grains.  It is homogeneous.

Air is composed of different gasses completely mixed together.  It is homogeneous.

Sugar is a chemical (sucrose) that is evenly distributed among the grains.  Homogeneous.

Aluminum foil is a thin sheet of metal evenly distributed.  Homogeneous.

Muddy pond water is water with dirt particles mixed in.  The dirt does not dissolve and can settle if kept still over time.  Heterogeneous.

A solution of sugar in water is like Kool-Aid.  It is a homogeneous mixture.

Salt dissolved in water is also the same as sugar.  Homogeneous.

Gravel is a bit tougher.  It is a rock composed of minerals that has been broken down into smaller pieces.  If you look at it, it does not look uniform.  The pieces have different colorations present.  I would say it is heterogeneous.

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