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Can you help me determine ways in which the theme of liminality is expressed in...

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Can you help me determine ways in which the theme of liminality is expressed in Dracula?

I have tried my hardest to figure this out but I have only gotten a few quotes of liminality. I need help....please help!! Also I would prefer if you expand and describe the use of liminality like ex crossing from east to west! thank you!!

Few catercories to look for liminality in: characters conscious states, natural and supernatural phenomena, physical settiings ect..

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I think that Dracula's being can be seen as liminal in several ways.  On one hand, he is free to move wherever he wishes and has total freedom. However, he is bound to being housed in earth from his castle.  This represents a liminal condition in which his freedom is vast, but still is tethered.  He is able to assemble a legion of vampires as part of his army.  Yet, he is unable to really find any sort of real companionship.  This might bring out a tragically liminal quality in Dracula in so far that he can be seen as being alone in a crowd.  It is here where the full implications of his liminal sense of character is evident.  Mina is also representative of being liminal as she is part vampire, part human.  Her own salvation is thus a liminal quality, something that must be continually fought for and against which constant vigilance is evident.  This state of being might be suggestive as to how the notion of liminality is intrinsic to human salvation.  Individuals seem to be constantly poised between conditions in which our being saved and condemned are far from clear, removed from strictly absolute terms.  In some respects, human consciousness is like Mina herself, trapped between both worlds in which constant commitment must reveal itself to move from one to the other.


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