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Can you give me a few examples of figurative language (simile, metaphor,...

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Can you give me a few examples of figurative language (simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole) to emphasize lots of pain?

I want to use this in my short story about child abuse in  describing the amount of pain caused to the child.

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Perhaps, there are two conditions of pain for the child suffering from abuse. One, of course, is the actual physical pain that is subsequent to incidents of abuse; the other is the psychological pain that exists to disturb thoughts and behavior, as well as the imagined pain that occurs in the child as he/she fears or anticipates actions against him/her.

  • In order to describe the physical pain, then, metaphor and simile can be applied. For instance, the child may describe the pain in terms of being like something such as stinging as though entrapped in a bee hive, or likehaving the car door shut on my legs (or other body parts that have been struck), like falling on bricks.
  • The pain can be metaphoric:  The fire of aching, a pounding from a spirit with a boxing glove, church bells clanging in my head, a dark monster of hurt.
  • Imagery can be used for the dreams or imaginings of pain or fear-: Color imagery can suggest different sensations: black and blue fear, bursts of red and orange in my head
  • The descriptions of the abuse can be hyperbolic:  I was hit a thousand times, my head throbbed all month, the mop flew at my right ear.
  • Personification can describe the actions of pain: A charging monster trampled me, horrible claws grabbed me 



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