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Can you edit this paragraph (it starts of in the middle so don't worry about the...

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Can you edit this paragraph (it starts of in the middle so don't worry about the starting transition word)

First of all, Canada became its own independent nation, by gradually departing from British rule. Canada gained its first hint of independence after the Great War. After World War One, the Treaty of Versailles was signed to end the Great War. During the Treaty of Versailles, Canada got two seats because of the hard fought battle at Vimy, which was fought entirely by Canadians, and previously had been lost by the French and British. The Treaty of Versailles was the moment that we were seen as an independent nation (Tim Cook, 2004). This showed Britain that we do not need to be dependent on another country. Another reason why Canada is an independent nation is because of the Statue of Westminster Act of 1931.This act granted many of Britain’s dominions including Canada independence (Claude Bélanger, 2001).This demonstrates that Canada is truly a nation, because them gaining their independence showed the world and Britain, that Canada can be its own independent nation.

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