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You are born with about 100 billion neurons...You are born with about 100 billion...

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You are born with about 100 billion neurons...

You are born with about 100 billion neurons. That is all you will ever have. If the neurons are used, they become part of your brain's network of connections. If they are not used, they will die. How can you be sure that you will have strong, healthy connections in your brain?

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The brain needs just as much care as the body. People have become so focused on their physical health,  at times, mental health is put on the back burner. However recent research has enlightened us to the importance of maintaining good health for the brain. As we age and neuron functioning diminishes, it is important to follow a healthy regime including the following:

Nutrition, essential fats omega classifications have been shown to reduce the effects dementia along with a healthy diet.

Exercise, stimulates the blood flow to the brain enabling maximum transport of nutrients.

Stress management is essential to avoid strain and correct body chemical magement unique to the immune and endocrine systems.

Avoiding drugs and substances can help alleviate negative neuron activity.

Mental health check ups with counselors, therapists,psychologists, and/or psychiatrists can aid in preventing many negative conditions affecting the brain.

Consider these factors when assessing brain health and the maintaining of health neurons.

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