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Can we do research on Kate Chopin's story Charlie and The Christ Light through psycho...

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Can we do research on Kate Chopin's story Charlie and The Christ Light through psycho feminism view?

im a researcher stydying on kate chopin fiction to find a psycho feminism aspects of the author's written stories. I need a guide to direct me into a proper way in this research.

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I'll be happy to provide whatever help I can (feel free to "message" me). Let me say for now that there are three things that I always try to do when beginning to develop a research project on a literary work:

1. Read the literary work over and over and over again, looking in particular for both small things that might not stand out at first and for larger patterns that begin to emerge.

2. Search for publications on the literary work and the author, starting with the MLA database but not ending there.

3. Work on fully understanding the method and theoretical approach that will be applied to the literary work. Read one or more key essays that discuss this approach and treat those essays, too, as something to be read over and interpreted just as much as the literary text being studied.

I'm pretty familiar with feminist and psychological theories, as they apply to literature, but I'm not sure exactly what particular approach(es) you have in mind when you talk about "psycho-feminism." Could you name a critic or two as an example? Kristeva? Irigaray? Rose?

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