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Can someone tell me if there are any restrictions or import regulations the U.S. has...

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Can someone tell me if there are any restrictions or import regulations the U.S. has regarding the importation of simple toys from china?

Hope I'm clearer this time because no one answered me earlier - I have to choose a product to import to the U.S from a foreign counry market and explain  if there are regulations regarding the product that I should be aware of before importing - I choose toys from china - could someone help me out please?? If its an easier one I can change the product, its up to me...thanks Joelle

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In recent years there has been a moratorium on import of many Chinese toys since the discovery of lead in painted toy finishes.  China has responded and solved the issue, and most Chinese toys are no longer banned.

As with the import of almost any product, toy imports are subject to U.S. Customs duty.  A link to the U.S. Customs web site found in reference 2 will explain.  Duty on Chinese goods generally is low because China enjoys NTR (formerly favored-nation) status.

The import of Chinese toys requires an importing license.  The link for this is also in the same reference.

The main restriction to the import of Chinese toys is that they must pass safety standards that are outlined on the web site of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, www.cpsc.gov.

Because they are relatively unregulated (compared to pharmaceuticals, foods, beverages, weapons, technology, etc.) toys are a good choice for your project.

All imports require licensing, duty and satisfaction of safety requirements, however Toys are among the least restricted.


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