Can someone please explain how to find the area of one of these trapeziums? Thanks!

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The area of the first trapezium with opposite sides of length 8 cm and 10 cm, separated by a distance 6 cm can be determined in the following way. Divide the trapezium into triangles, one with side of length 8 cm as base and the other with the side of length 10 cm as base. The height for both the triangles is 6 cm.

The area of the trapezium is `(1/2)*(8*6 + 10*6) = 54` square centimeters.

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You may evaluate the area of trapesium having the large base of 7.7 cm, the small base of 6.3 cm and the height of 4.4 cm, such that:

`A = ((B + b)*h)/2`

B represents the large base

b represents the small base

h represents the vertical height

Reasoning by analogy, yields:

`A = ((7.7+6.3)*4.4)/2`

`A = (14*4.4)/2 => A = 7*4.4 => A = 30.8 cm^2`

Hence, evaluating the area of the trapezium found at the bottom of the page, using the formula `A = ((B + b)*h)/2` , yields `A = 30.8 cm^2.`

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