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Can someone help me consider and discuss how education is connected to social...

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Can someone help me consider and discuss how education is connected to social stratification and social mobility.

Debate the issue of education and social inequaliy - is there aconnection between education and social inequality. is there different forms and opportunities for education around the world today.

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I think that research might help your claim here.  I would examine the average earnings or salary of those who have college degrees versus those who do not.  The comparative analysis of those who hold higher education degrees and their earning status and power as opposed to those who do not might go very far in proving the claim that education is connected to social mobility.  Most occupations or professions that hold power or possess a sense of power are ones where higher education degrees are needed.  It is difficult to argue the other way on this.  There are many elements involved in social stratification, but I think that being able to make the argument that the more education one has, the greater the chance one winds up with a job that has more power and more economic autonomy would be a good starting point in linking education and social stratification.

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There are several factors that produce those results. One is the advantage that a high school diploma has over not finishing high school. Then there is the advantage of finishing college over someone who has not. Then, there is the difference between an Ivy League school, and a middle tier or lower school (though not in quality, merely by reputation and historical age.) The difference generates difference in earning power, earnings over a lifetime, and the power to obtain upward mobility in the chosen career field. the higher one goes, the more education one needs. This, in the end, creates if you will a caste system that is hard to change, but ti can be done. There will always be parts of society that can purchase personal and professional educational assistance over others that can not even afford basic living items.

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